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Welcome to the guestbook. Please add your name and a comment

Note: If you are a regular contributor, or intend to become one, you might prefer to create your own User Page on kayakwiki. Casual visitors (Guests) are welcome to leave a comment here. You could also leave a link to your homepage, but please note that we do not tolerate any form of Wiki Spam on kayakwiki. If you are leaving such links across many wikis, purely to boost your search engine rankings, you are not welcome!

9.23.2 - MarkDilley - great site, check out my wiki home at http://markdilley.2ya.com, especially the TourBusStop?, want one here?

11.03.02 - Rob Pruden - I have been reading Wiki with interest. There is a lot of good information here. Great idea! If I ever figure something out that is useful I'll be sure to add my 0.02 (that's in CDN $$, sorry, s'all I gots :) )

7.13.04 - J.D. Ray. I added the Oregon link to the paddling locations section. I've only got one description in there so far, but there are PLENTY here. Thanks for maintaining this site.

7.24.04 - Steve Hough - I have been kayaking for 3 years and really enjoy it. I find this to be a great website, and if anyone would like to share more information about this site or kayaking in general, please email me at nnextt@lycos.com. I did visit MarkDilley's site, and am requesting Mark's e-mail address. My Outlook Express is out of function. Thanks.

Love your adventure site!


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