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Created by tres for a list of all of the rivers/creeks/runs in Colorado.
It doesn't seem to work like the one on the home page. -- Tres 2004-10-20

Not sure what you mean. There's no auto-indexing of the Places pages. We have to maintain the lists on the HomePage, and places index ourselves. Similary with these talk pages. The convention is to link to Colorado/Talk from the bottom of Colorado. There's nothing built in to the wiki software to put this link in automatically. -- Nojer2 21st Oct 2004

Does anyone know why on the Colorado page some links are enclosed in square brackets and some are not? Parkdale is not but the Royal George is. -- Tres 21 Oct 2004

Square brackets appear on [Royal George]? because it's two words, while Parkdale? has no spaces in the name. This is fairly crappy old wiki software. The question marks look ugly too. Anyway it all looks tidy once the pages are filled in. The only permanent square brackets are for [external links]. These never disappear, but this helps to distinguish them from internal page links -- Nojer2 22nd Oct 2004


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