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Almost all of Canada is bear country. See the notes on individual provinces above to see which types are found locally.

Canada uses the metric system.

Canadian Laws

The Canadian Coast Guard (CG) sets the regulations governing boating and minimum equipment requirements for kayakers in Canada. These laws are enforced by the CG and by local and regional police departments. These regulations can be found at: http://www.tc.gc.ca/BoatingSafety/menu.htm. Note that a PFD is a requirement and it must be approved. If you are bringing your PFD from another country, it must be approved for use in your home country. Take note of the minimum equipment list for paddling in Canada. These laws are enforced and fines can be steep.

Marine VHF operators must have a license in Canada - see licensing requirements.

The traffic laws are governed by the provinces and vary slightly from one to the other.

As in the USA, FRS and GMRS Radios are very popular with outdoor recreationalists in Canada, including kayakers. But radios made for the US market transmit at up to 5 watts on the GMRS channels. The maximum wattage permitted on these channels in Canada is 2 watts. So if you’re using these radios in Canada, you need to transmit on the FRS channels only, where the wattage is the same for both countries.

Handguns are restricted weapons in Canada. Private citizens can own them, but they cannot routinely carry them around loaded and on their person the way you can in the US. The “carry permit” issued by your Municipal or State government does NOT apply in Canada: It’s not like a driver’s license that is accepted on either side of the border. So do yourself a favour: Leave the handgun at home. This will save you from possibly being turned back at the border or facing criminal charges in Canada. You won’t need a handgun here anyway: They’re useless against bears, so there’s no point in taking up space in your kayak with one. And you’re not likely to need it against people. Canada’s murder rate is lower than the US rate (possibly because we don’t all carry handguns:-)

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