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Camping Equipment is largely a matter of personal preference but here is a list of common items found in a kayak campers hatch:

  1. Shelter (Tent/Tarp)
  2. SleepingBag, Pad and Pillow
  3. Cook stove, fuel and matches or lighter
  4. cooking pans and utensils
  5. Food and FoodBag/bearproof container
  6. Clothing and Footwear
  7. Raingear
  8. drinking water or purification device
  9. First Aid kit
  10. RepairKit
  11. Reading material
  12. notebook
  13. camp chair
  14. NOAA weather radio/VHF Radio
  15. toilet paper
  16. Personal Hygiene

All items should be stored in drybags or double garbage bagged. Trash compactor bags are more sturdy than garbage bags, and also work well. One way to toughen plastic bags is to put them inside a stuff sack.

When packing the kayak, consider the load distribution.

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