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Here are http references for a number of the amateur kayak builders out on the web. If you have a web page or series of pictures of your kayak building available, please consider putting the reference in this list.

Shawn Baker has collected homepages and photos of many contributors and builders on the KayakForum and QajaqUSA forums:

Builders: (if your name appears here and you would like to add more information just click on the question mark beside your name, you can also go to Preferences at the top of the this page to tell the wiki who you are)

Rick Allnutt Dayton, OH http://www.qsl.net/ws8g/kayak.htm
Shawn Baker http://www.geocities.com/shawnkayak/
Don Beale
[Mark Brewer]? http://www.picturetrail.com/gallery/view?p=999&gid=809120&uid=550147&members=1
[Rehd Brown]? http://home.attbi.com/~rehdbrown/
[Bobby Curtis]? http://www.seaspiritkayaks.com/
[Dale Frolander]?
[Harvey Golden]? http://home.pacifier.com/~qayaq/
[Joe Greenley]? http://www.redfishkayak.com
Mike Hanks http://www.qajaqpnw.org
Ted Henry http://www.metakrome.com/kayak/kframe.html
Tom Johansen http://communities.msn.com/FromtheNorthLand/tomskayakbuildingwebsite.msnw
Kent LeBoutillier http://www.geocities.com/kentsyaks/
[Reg Lake]? http://groups.msn.com/reglakephotos/newhomepage.msnw
[Ross Leidy]? http://www.blueheronkayaks.com/kayak/index.html
[Jed Luby]?
Tim Mattson http://users.moscow.com/bprice/
Chris Menard [Chris's Site]
[John Michne]? http://michneboat.com/
[John Monfoe]?
Greg Morse http://members.cox.net/gmorse7/kayak/
Roger Nuffer
[Brian Nystrom]?
[Woody Orr]? http://www.geocities.com/woodyorr2002/
[Dick Postma]? http://www.qnet.com/~dpostma/
Bill Price http://users.moscow.com/bprice/
[Pete Roszyk]? http://www.wiredweb.com/~mntnhead/home.htm
[Pete Rudie]?
Chip Sandresky http://www.ChipSandresky.com
Nick Schade http://www.guillemot-kayaks.com/
John Schroeder http://www.fastq.com/~jrschroeder/kayak1.htm
Derek Schumann http://www.cedarstrip.net
Ben Staley http://home.sprynet.com/~gbstaley/index.html
Greg Stamer http://www.qajaqusa.org
Andy Waddington http://www.pennine.demon.co.uk/kayak/
[John Waddington]? http://web.ripnet.com/~waddinj/index.html
Mark Woodhead http://home.pacbell.net/endoboy/kayak/sof_build_log.html
Ken-Spidey? http://www.dbeweb.com/kayak/
[Brian McCarty]? http://hosting.acegroup.cc/~brianm/kayak/index.html
Steve Fredrick http://www.geocities.com/yakpaddler12025/
Chris Moore http://www.moores-r.us/~cmoore/cirrus/index.html

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