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Books and other information on kayaks and kayak building.

Books marked with *** are considered essential components of any sea kayaker's library.
Books marked with ††† are considered essential components of any whitewater kayaker's library
Books marked with ‡‡‡ are considered essential components of any camper's library

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  1. The Strip Built Sea Kayak, Schade
  2. The Aleutian Kayak, Wolfgang Brinck
  3. Building Skin-on-Frame Boats, Robert Morris
  4. Baidarka the Kayak, George Dyson
  5. SK Building a Greenland Kayak, Christopher Cunningham, Sea Kayaker (reprint) Winter 92
  6. Building a Greenland Kayak, Mark Starr
  7. Building the Greenland Kayak: A Manual for Its Construction and Use, Christopher Cunningham
  8. Instruction in Kayak Building, H.C. Petersen
  9. Kayak Craft - Fine Woodstrip Kayak Construction, Ted Moores
  10. Qaannamik pinnguaatit, H.C. Petersen
  11. Wood and Canvas Kayak Building,Putz
  12. Boatbuilder's Manual Charlie Walbridge


  1. The Bomb Proof roll and Beyond, Paul Dutky *** †††
  2. Derek Hutchinson's Eskimo Rolling
  3. Fundamentals of Kayak navigation, David Burch ***

Safety and Rescue

  1. Sea Kayaker's Deep Trouble Broze, Gronseth ***
  2. Sea Kayaking Safety and Rescue
  3. Sea Kayak Rescue
  4. Whitewater Rescue Manual, Walbridge and Sundmacher
  5. [River Rescue]?, Bechdel and Slim
  6. [Swiftwater Rescue]?, Slim Ray

First Aid

  1. Wilderness Medicine, Dr. Wm. Forgey
  2. St. John Ambulance Official Wilderness First Aid Guide, Wayne Merry
  3. [NOLS Wilderness First Aid]?, Schimelpfenig, Lindsey
  4. Medicine for Mountaineering and Other Wilderness Activities, James A. Wilkerson

Camping and Wilderness Technique

  1. How To Shit In The Woods, Kathleen Meyer ‡‡‡
  2. Bear Attacks, Their Causes and Avoidance, Stephen Herrero


  1. Ashley Book of Knots by CLifford ashley
  2. The Morrow Guide to Knots by Bigon and Regazzoni
  3. Knots For Boaters by Brion Toss


  1. Derek Hutchinson's Expedition Kayaking
  2. Sea Kayaker's Savvy Paddler
  3. Waves and Beaches by Willard Bascom
  4. Sailing Theory and Practice by C. A. Marchaj

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