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If you find significant chunks of text which seem like they should be deleted, you could use this page to keep a copy of them

Any instances of spam linking, should now be reported on the Wiki Spam page. So this page is only for contributions which seem to be bad jokes or nonsense from real users.

When considering whether to delete text and move it here, bear in mind the kayak wiki subject guidelines. We dont need to be as dry and boring as an encyclopedia. Kayaking humour is allowed, but if someone has added a bad joke, you might want to move it here.

I think some of the stuff on these pages should be removed:

We dont mention anything specific about sexually explicit content on the subject guidelines but it would be a shame if this was not a good website to let your kids surf. It's a shame this guy doesn't turn his attention to some contributions more closely related to kayaking. I mean this is quite creative writing, but this kind of thing is better placed on http://www.wikisexsite.com/

Nojer2 - 28th July 2004

I second that opinion. Or at least it should be put in another area of the site with a warning page. I think that the topics of Planning a kayaking trip and some tips are good topics but I think that the sexual side of it should be discussed somewhere else; perhaps on another site entirely. Is there anywhere on the site that we could conduct a pole? What are some other people's opinions on the subject? 20 October 2004 - Tres

I broke the links here and redirected both pages to New Page Spam. -Mike 19 March 2005

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