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Harry Wood (Nojer2) created a little java program which remotely accesses every page of kayakwiki, and creates a backup of all of the wiki text. The idea of this is to provide a little extra assurance that your efforts adding content to kayakwiki will not be wasted. This means we are protected against...

The backup is not available on the web, or as a downloadable zip, it is just being held by Nojer2, as files on his local filesystem in the UK. Should the need arise he will be able to re-create kayakwiki on a different webserver. This is not a desirable situation, since the URLs of kayakwiki will all change. We will also lose all previous page history information. Resurrecting kayakwiki from this backup will only be undertaken if Nick cannot be contacted, and his webserver has been unavailable for a significant length of time (several months).

The process of taking a remote backup involves web-scraping all pages (As with the Index page, the list is based on a search for '.'). It takes about 10 minutes. Nojer2 will carry this out maybe every few months or so, so we could lose a lot of edits, but the main point is that kayakwiki will live on.

Latest backup:

17th May 2005
1501 files
23.6 MB

Discuss the backup strategey: /Talk?

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