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: Can anyone point me to some brands of water shoes that are appropriate for
: Kayaking. I have used Teva sandels which are way too big to fit in my boat
: as well at "slip on" water shoes which don't provide enough heal
: support.

: I am planning on doing a number of Flatwater marathon races this summer which
: include portages so I decided to invest in some shoes. Warm weather
: comfort in and out of the boat are more important to me than cool weather
: warmth. Any recomendations?

: I looked at Five Ten Hydros but at $89 they are priced a little steep.

: Regards,

: Jack
Jack-I have a pair of FiveTen nemo highs that are the second most comfortable pair of shoes I own. The sole is very grippy, the upper supportive, great arch support, and small enough to fit inside the boat. The high neoprene keeps the sand out of my shoes. Pricey, but, I think, worth it._Greg

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