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Eskimo Hunting weapons. DIY sources

Not sure where to post this moderator.!
This is a small payback for all the help I have received from this list.

Here are they links to various sites that offer information that would be useful to DIY makers of Eskimo hunting tools. You will need to investigate their sites for your interest. Mine is currently harpoons, darts and throwing boards.

http:www.tuktupaddles.com They actually tell you about the placement position of the angled trowing peg on the harpoon and different types of trajectories.

Do search for "harpoon size" or similar in the forum archives of www.qajaqusa.org (Greenland Techniques) There are a couple of posts that are helpful written in about 2001.

You can download a PDF from the Masik quarterly newsletter Fall 2004 Vol 2 no 3. "Making a Unaaq". This is also obtainable from the www.qajaqusa.org web site. Excellent article.

I found a good illustration of a "Throwing dart" from a pdf of a report "Nat museum 1884 Mason. "Throwing sticks". I cant find the web site again... I am sorry! :(

http://www.arctic.net This has details of an Aleut dart construction.

http://www.thudscave.com Aleut throwing boards of different designs. Also Inuit Norsaq.

There is also a detailed drawing of a harpoon and all its parts. I printed it off and do not have the URL. I think it was from the Qajaqusa forum archives.

Do a Google image search for pictures, use all sorts of terms IE Greenland/Inuit/Aleutian/Aleut/Eskimo.... Harpoon/dart/hunting weapons/ and be patient. The pictures are there but frustratingly difficult to get all together. I think i got that exploded view harpoon drawing from Google images... in fact i am sure of it now.

I have spent hours searching all this, but i am retired so it will stop me from vegetating. ( Still have to learn "patience")!

Please feel free to build on this list of resources to include the range of hunting implements if you know where to send us to.


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