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Klepper Aerius 2 Classic


Perfect opportunity for someone to get their hands on a Klepper Aerius 2 in good condition all parts and original paddles, seats etc.

Kleppers will last as long as you do!

If you're considering a folding kayak have a look on wikipedia for their background. They're extremely light and manouverable and are used by the Special Forces.

You can easily break it down and reassemble within 30 minutes and it can be transported anywhere you can go!

Once you've been out in a Klepper you'll be hooked for life!

This is a vintage Klepper that i bought some years ago and have had plenty of good use.
The hull is wood and in excellent condition. One of the seats is slightly warped but is in perfect working order and easily repairable.

Ive just bought a new Wayland skin for it and that alone cost me 700 and it comes with a 10 year guarantee.

Pretty sad to see it go but moving house and need the cash.

If you want any advice/photos let me know.



(By the way i'm in Manchester, UK but will ship internationally)