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Am I an idiot?

I'm just curious if I could be preceived as an idiot for venturing out on the San Francisco Bay in a sit-in kayak (mild conditions) with no previous kayaking experience or training?
(I've done some of the sloughs in Redwood City and a couple of local reservoirs).

I had a paddle float, which I've never used or practiced with, a wet suit, paddle jacket, spray skirt, PFD, bilge pump, cell phone, etc... basically all the reuired gear, but the one thing I didn't have was training or experience in that kind of water.

As I said it was pretty mild, though later in the day some moderate swells picked up under the bridge on the way back. Moderate enough to make me a little nervous and keep me focused on my survival.

I do plan to take a few different lessons, I just haven't yet. Pretty much all I've done is watch kayak related videos on YouTube and read as much as I could find on safe kayaking.

I did have one minor spill, but it was only in a foot and a half of water so I just put my hand down and slipped out of the boat. This event, however, left me wondering just how the heck I was supposed to get back in a swamped boat in rolling seas with just a paddle float. (?!?!)

Oh yeah, I was with a friend, so I wasn't alone on the water.

So am I an idiot or just reckless and ignorant?? ;^)~


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Am I an idiot?
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Naive, maybe