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Go fly a kite... from a kayak???

Hello all,

I was watching a kite surfer from my balcony and this guy was clipping along at a very fast pace. I'm sure someone out there has tried this from a kayak, and I would like to hear your input before I go drop $500 for a kite. I'm launching a Shearwater Atlantic 19' in a few weeks and that would be my kite-yaking platform. I'm wondering if a playboat would not make a better base due to the speed you would be hitting waves, plus the angle of leverage the kite would give. A kite is going to try to pick you up and it seems to me it would drive the bow down in the water in a larger yak as it lifted you from the cockpit area. It would seem a long straight kayak might not fair as well as a shorter yak with a lot of rocker, especially when it comes to steering. However, I think it would be fun if you had a long haul to make in boat traffic and wanted to cross a channel fast, plus be seen by boaters.

Anybody tried it?