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Re: VCP Argonaut or Aquanaut
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Hi Doug,

Remind me, now the Aquanaut is sort of an 18' version of the 16' Avocet? (Sort of analogous to the NDK Explorer to the Romany?)

I just bought an Avocet after test driving all of them. I don't remember the Argonaut/Aquanaut really exciting me the way the Explorer and Avocet did. It did feel quite big. I'm not big, but I am tall at 6'-6".

They performed well, but didn't have the same "feel" I really loved in the Romany/Explorer/Avocet.


: Anyone out there paddling either of these two boats?
: I have some questions.

: I've read a review on the Argonaut(higher volume model). The writer liked the
: boat but had a problem with scraping his hands on the front deck while
: paddling because it was to high. I would think this would depend on the
: size of the paddler?

: What do you like/dislike about the boat(s)?

: I've sat in these two boats (in the showroom only). Waiting for some warmer
: weather to take a test drive.

: Thanks,
: Doug