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portaging a kayak with a paddle

Maybe enough on lightweight camping??

I noted in "Amphibious Man" the method used to carry the kayak during a race that included an overland section. The racer put the end of the greenland paddle into the bow of the boat, letting the end stick out through the cockpit. Then, hoisting the thing up, one shoulder held up a cockpit rim and one shoulder held up the paddle loom.

This looks like a lot better set up than letting the seat rest on top of the head (I have had a neck strain a couple times doing this) or trying to get the the end of the cockpit rim on the shoulders or back.

I have occasionally hurt (hyperextended) my finger joints by carrying the kayak on one shoulder and padding with a hand - so I have given up on that method too.

Anyone use this little paddle and cockpit coaming technique for carrying?? Anyone find a way to pad the rim and paddle? Seems like the little minicell blocks used for tying a canoe to the top of a car might be pretty good padding for a longer carry.

I also mentioned in a post below that I had experimented with the lightweight backpack and the kayak seems to sit on top of the pack pretty well too..