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I had laser sugery
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I had laser surgery done on my eyes in March this year and am completing my first season without glasses. As some one who has been 20/800 since about 8th grade I am ecstatic about the difference but there big consideration that involve in this decision

1. If you are already far sited and need glasses to read maps, compass, GPS etc. this surgery will not help you. In fact for many it will make your close-up vision worse.
2. There is an option where they can tune your dominant eye for distance and your other for reading. This will prevent or delay the need for reading glasses if you donít already need them.

3. Make sure that you get it done by a reputable doctor who does thorough testing to make sure you are an ideal candidate

4. The most common complaint are poor night vision with haloes around light sources. This happens when you donít have enough thickness in your cornea to correct an area equal to a fully dilated (night time) eye. This is the critical thing that a doctor is testing for in pre-op screening. I had plenty of thickness so no problem for me. I hear that some doc will operate on marginal candidates who subsequently suffer from the haloes.

FOR ME it was one of the greatest things I have ever done but it is not something to be entered into lightly.