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Re: glasses
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I dealt with the contacts hassle for 8 years, and finally gave up.

I was also working at a concrete precast plant, and the dust really got to me.

Now, I can't comfortably wear contacts as long.

I have Rx sunglasses, and love them. I built a custom permanent retaining strap for them--a 4mm piece of accessory cord attached to the temples with heat shrink tubing.

Wal-Mart, $55.

The fit is just snug enough, I can get them off if I pull forward, and glasses up over my forehead...they've never washed off in 5' surf or Class III-IV whitewater. Plastic lenses so they don't fog up too bad.

I wipe with one finger if I have to...one hand off the paddle for 2 seconds isn't too bad....


: I have very poor eyesite. I have been wearing glasses when kayaking, as I am
: worried if I have contacts in and they get washed out or fouled, I would
: be screwed. Glasses, however, are a bit dangerous, as in stormy conditions
: they tend to fog up, and the water drops on the lenses make it even harder
: to see the waves coming. Its often dicy to take a hand off the paddle to
: wipe them. Does anyone kayak regularily with contacts, and is my concern
: about losing the contacts while under water justified?
: Robert