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I can relate to the poor eyesight, Robert. I've been wearing contacts for all my water sports for over 15 years and only had one contact wash out while surfing. Luckily I plucked it off my cheek, re-wet it in my mouth (not recommended) and stuck it back in while sitting on my surfboard 300 yds from land. That was before I switched to daily wear contacts which are disposable and come in little plastic packs that you can take with you, in case you lose one. I wouldn't put up with glasses any more if I were you, especially with the conditions you paddle in. If I get dunked, I mainly keep my eyes closed until I surface. I can open them slightly (squint) and still see while my eyelids are holding down the edges of the contacts to my eyes. Works good. I'm pretty sure the only way you'll lose a contact is if you open your eyes underwater with some turbulence against the eyeball to wash out the lens. OR if I come up and water is streaming down my face and I open my eyes, that can wash out the lens. But I've adjusted to all that and haven't lost a lens in years. Go for it. It'll open up the world of cool sunglasses!

: I have very poor eyesite. I have been wearing glasses when kayaking, as I am
: worried if I have contacts in and they get washed out or fouled, I would
: be screwed. Glasses, however, are a bit dangerous, as in stormy conditions
: they tend to fog up, and the water drops on the lenses make it even harder
: to see the waves coming. Its often dicy to take a hand off the paddle to
: wipe them. Does anyone kayak regularily with contacts, and is my concern
: about losing the contacts while under water justified?
: Robert

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