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Re: Surfing the Tidal Bore
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There is a whitewater rafting company that operates on the Shubanacadie River in Nova Scotia. You are correct, there is a tremendous tidal bore that comes up the river making for quite a ride. I would guess that there would be kayakers from Halifax who would go there too. But the water is a chocolate brown color and it does not look (or taste) very appealing. That would certainly turn many people off.

Here in Moncton we should have a good tidal bore on the Petitcodiac but the causeway in Riverview has severely damaged the entire ecosystem. Throw in some pollution from an old dump site along the river and sewerage waste and then I think you can rule out any kayaking. Before the causeway was built there were tidal bores 8 feet in height.

It is timely that you should post this today as I just returned from Maces Bay where I got my first taste of white water kayaking. It is also fed by the powerful Bay of Fundy tides. There is a funnel shaped channel in the bay that produces some nice standing waves and rapids. I had some fun but didn't really do any surfing. I ran the rapids and tried playing around in the standing waves. Ofcourse I was not very good at it and the two guys I was with got in there and put on a show. I manned the camera. The standing waves and rapids build for about 90 minutes and then its over.

The water there is crystal clear but very cold.


: When I visited this area a few years ago, my juices really started going
: thinking about surfing the long tidal bores found there. Has anyone tried
: this? (I know very little about the characteristics of the wave except it
: can go on for miles). My guess is it should be possible to find the right
: conditions for a major ride, but I know very little about it.
: Robert

: On July 5 I am finally going to begin a trip which I have been dreaming about