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Strip: New Build *PIC*
Date: 3/19/2018, 3:36 pm

This is an all around boat at 17'6 " long and 22" inches wide. A little flatter hull than I usually go for, a slight v instead of rounded. The dark wood is heat/pressure treated tulip (often called poplar), the lighter wood is linden (basswood). The tulip is a great contrast the heat treating makes it a little more brittle and less flexible. It also gives off fine slivers when you sand that you need to make sure to blow off before finishing. I would use it again but not in high flex/bend areas. I had one board of linden that instead of being creamy white had some figuring in it. I wasn't sure if it would turn grey or brown under epoxy so I put it on the bottom of the boat. With the seal coat it turned a spectacular color. I would use that again on the deck and put more thought into the pattern.

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Strip: New Build *PIC*
scottbaxter -- 3/19/2018, 3:36 pm
Re: Strip: New Build
J Van Buren -- 3/20/2018, 7:40 am