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Absolutely. But why build a boat at all when there are so many kayaks already produced by companies with a long history of successful designs?
For me, it was just something else to do, another experience from which to learn, with no hope or pretense of exceeding or even coming close to matching the designs already out there.

Excellent comments!

Another reason for building a kayak may be that there's a poor or nonexistent stock of used boats in the area. Here in Victoria BC there's a pretty fair selection of used sea kayaks if one is patient, and south of the border around Seattle the selection is huge. That's not the case in many other areas; I'm lucky.

i suspect the same is true for you, if you can find a used SKUK/NDK or Tiderace boat easily.

And, of course the : "Honey I'm gong to save a lot of money by building my own boat" argument works as long as you can hide the receipts for supplies!
I've known more than one builder who had boat supplies delivered to "the office" ..... :-)