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Tools: Measuring kayak *PIC*


For my next build I have been inspired by some features from existing kayaks.
I would like to combine hullshape from one kayak with som deck features from another kayak. ( This might not be a good idea, bet lets leave that :-) )

I am thinking of making a jig to transfer the shapes to paper. But I am uncertain if I am missing something.
I want to set up the kayak on the side, make sure it is aligned with cockpitrim vertical, both ends same height from floor.
I am unsure about how to place the rocker. Or if it even means something ? )
I will use an angle too mark the middle

After setting the jig and holding the pins in place with springclamps, i will lay it down and transfor the points to paper.
And the fold from the middle mark to make a symmetrical drawing.

I would appreciate feedback on this method. Is this gonna work or will I end up with something useless :-)