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Re: Strip: Debating over hull glass

I guess I was the only person buying it and they stopped selling it at Defender. I can find no other sources for polypropylene cloth designed to be used with epoxy.

You weren't alone. I used it for rub strips and also for the covering of my wife's old SOF. It was great stuff.

Dynel will not wet out transparently, it has a cream color to it. Zynole will show up as white.

Agree: All the "plastic" fabrics will not wet out clear. They'll be translucent at best. When I use them for wear strips I often tint the epoxy while I'm laminating them (usually white or black) and make them into an accent. The tint goes all the way through the lamination so they look even as they wear. I do the same with Kevlar rub strips.