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Re: Strip: Fiberglass patch
By:Paul G Jacobson
Date: 12/31/2017, 11:05 am
In Response To: Strip: Fiberglass patch (Mark Vander Horck)

If this is an area which is going to continue to receive extra wear over the years it doesn't hurt to build up the area with another layer or two of glass and resin. The added thickness gives that area a longer life. There probably is no big hurry to do it, though.

Every few years you will do a little patching. Some scratches just need to be polished out, others need a little added epoxy, and bigger problems need bigger repairs. Sanding out damaged areas with a feathered edge lets you drop in a neat glass patch. fill the weave, sand the overlap even with the original surface, put on a topcoat of epoxy and then varnish. Voila, the patch disappears. The joys of building your own boat: you built it, you fix it.

Hope this helps

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