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Re: Mixing Cups: Cheap Clear Plastic

I've used the red party cups a lot, but really don't like them as they tend to have a bunch of nooks and crannies that are resistant to proper stirring. My go-to is used yogurt containers. Between in house consumption and the donations of friends and family, I am usually well stocked. They do need to be washed after emptying but have been very reliable.

Exactly! Same with me.
Yogurt containers survive our dishwasher, so they get clean before I stack 'em up to use for epoxy. Since we eat yogurt pretty much daily and I don't do epoxy work that often, I have enough for projects.
They are also solvent-resistant, which can be useful.
The lids are good for putting on the bench as a 'resting spot' for stir sticks, brushes, etc. and are also good for mixing small amounts of 1:1 epoxy, or polyester spot putty, etc. .
I use mostly the 650 and 750 mL sizes- they are deep enough that fillers like antisag don't 'fly out' when mixing.
BTW, our recycling pickup will refuse those containers if they have any hardened epoxy inside, but sometimes a bit of flexing will let the epoxy pop out, and the container can go into the 'BlueBox'.