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Re: Epoxy: application problem
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If you were wetting out the glass at 80˚+ you should have used a slow hardener. You don't mention this, did you yes or no? Even with small batches (you said 5 pumps of each which would be a huge batch!) and medium hardener I would expect the resin to set-up very fast at 80˚

I am using MAS slow non-blushing hardener. 5 pumps fills a small cup that only holds about 3 oz. I what would you consider a small batch?

What I see is excess resin. It looks like you did not remove excess resin by going over the fiberglass with a squeegee to remove excess resin. If you did, your surface would have a uniform mat look. If you tried to remove excess resin with a squeegee but couldn't, your hardener was too fast and your batch too large

I did have trouble squeegeeing the excess resin. That was a combination of me working very slowly and I was working in the basement with the temperature around 65f. I knew better but didn't get it heated up. The wet out coat was very rough. I put on two light coats and sanded to even it out. Then repeated the process. The surface prior to Saturday was fairly smooth, all things considered. The sags you see in the photo are from the coat I put on Saturday
Most of the surface is fairly smooth but I have these areas where it looks like the epoxy retreated after it was applied. I looked it over very closely after application and all looked smooth