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Re: Epoxy: application problem
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I agree with Nick's comments.
A few additional thoughts:
I always try to wash/scrub before sanding, not after. It prevents 'grinding contaminants into the surface' and also reduces sandpaper clogging.
A soft scrub brush is useful when washing rough surfaces. Good rinsing with clean (lint free) towels is a must.
Use a fan to get things dry before epoxy goes on.
I use a 'squeegee' (Bondo spreader) in combination with the roller and brush to help 'push' the epoxy into recesses.
Thin fill coats work better for me, usually. Otherwise I end up sanding drips, which is tedious.
Hot humid weather was the worst for generating amine blush, for me, so I'd be particularly careful in a warm summer shop.
And, if the shop is hot, the extra heat from epoxy curing can encourage sags and runs as the epoxy viscosity drops.
I know it's not always possible (work, family, other commitments) but getting some of the fill coats on in 'quick' succession saves a lot of hassles, since rinsing isn't usually needed. It can make for a long day, or late night and early morning.
On the inside of the hull and deck, I only fill enough to make sure that there are no pinholes, and that the hull will not collect dirt. The cockpit floor gets a bit more. Fill coats can add non-useful weight (and expense), so I try to limit them to places where they are really needed.
These sorts of problems happen to almost all builders at times; you aren't alone!