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Re: Epoxy: application problem

I'm not sure I'm seeing epoxy "pull away" so much as the results of an uneven original application. Where it was thick there are sags and where it was thin there is some orange peel due to the texture of the roller. if this is the case, you may just need to work on achieving a more uniform film thickness.

It is possible you had did have some contamination, but I would then expect to see a bit more fish-eye where the epoxy retreats from the contaminated area. if this is the case you may need to be more aggressive about cleaning. I will note that if you allow the wet-out coat to harden without a fill coat, cleaning the full weave texture can be hard. A scotchbrite pad will not get down into the divots between the yarns, leaving potentially a contaminated recess. Follow on coats of epoxy may be resistant to flowing into the divots as a result.

Unfortunately, the resolution of the images makes it a little hard to distinguish exactly what is going on.