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Re: Strip: Joining Deck to Hull

There is a bit of sanding and cleaning up to do where the hatch rims are attached, so it's coming apart before it really goes back together. This was just because I was bored waiting for epoxy to cure and wanted to check that everything still lined up.

I always try to keep the hull and deck together when I'm not working on the boat, or when epoxy is hardening up (over the first few days), after having to 'wrestle' with a hull and deck that had changed shape.

Doing as much work on the inside of the boat before the hull & deck are joined can save a lot of awkward labour - there's enough of that anyway. Adding tabs for lashing gear (like water bags) inside the compartments and attaching the tethers for hatch covers, and prep work for some kinds of deck fittings are in that category, for me.