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Re: Strip: Joining Deck to Hull

The 9 oz pre-woven tape does not wet out as well as 4 ounce cloth. I have not found a source for lighter weight tapes, so I just cut strips from my roll. I cut bias strips as they conform better and don't unravel as much as straight cuts.

I never use seam tape on exterior surfaces because the finished edges of seam tape stand up and trap air bubbles.

I use the same weight glass as used on the hull/deck.

After fussing around for years, with excess scraps of glass, I now just cut 5" wide strips of glass off the edge of my 60" wide roll, so three pieces per side do the hull/deck joint. Stem edges and hull/deck joints near stems get special separate treatment with bias glass.This is so much easier/fun/fast than playing with scraps. Wide strips of glass conform better across the hull/deck joint when wet-out and are easier to trim with masked edges.

IMO - Cutting bias cloth and handling long accordion like pieces of glass is a PITA and is not needed on my designs.