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Re: Skin-on-Frame: Differences between SOF and fus

I've never built a Geodesic boat, so I hope I didn't comment of difficulty of getting the kevlar tight.

However, per basic engineering, the kevlar is going to improve the torsional and vertical bending distortion.
It would be a trade off between heavier longitudinal stiffeners and the effect of kevlar on lighter stiffeners to see which was lighter for the same strength.

You can see that not all Montford's boats used kevlar.

Once upon a time he had a small book or phamplet which described his design decisions. Unfortunately I gave it away for some bizzare reason (I never get rid of books).
More unfortunately, his widow has no interest in republishing the book.

If anyone happens to have such a book, I would be happy to pay for it or for repoduction to get a copy.

The Geodesic boats are typically described as delicate. Probably a combination of all the sizing required to get the super low weight he achieved.

Good luck and let us know how you do!
Pictures are good:)