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what's a 'Fuselage Framed Fuselage'?

. . . when different fuselage framing systems are used to frame fuselages? Or a 'kayak framed kayak'? or a 'kayak framed fuselage'? or the so-called 'fuselage framed kayak'. . .
Especially as this boat build methodolgy predates the notion of aircraft 'fuselages' by 8 millenia!

I think the specific of this method is the difference between the few rigid sections versus that of a multitude of more flexible ribs: the enternal debate of when a rib actually is a frame. Using this aspect, a more apt term could be 'rigid section framed fuselage' possibly for new boats and the historic ones could be 'stringer and rigid section frames' or something along those lines.

Or maybe the confusion is that the word 'framing' covers many/most methods while 'frame' should be more specific but in actual use isn't.