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Re: S&G: CLC Teardrop Camper *PIC*
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I think that for $1,500 you could probably buy some aluminum rectangular tubing, make a swingarm suspension with coil-over shocks and some wheels (motorcycle wheels?) and have a welding shop weld it up for less than that. But- I'm a pretty dedicated DIYer. As I get older I can see the benefit of buying a trailer.


I've had a teardrop trailer on my D-I-Y list for many years. Trouble is that list only gets bigger and bigger and less seems to get done.

Recently my teardrop plans were focusing on doing a skin-on-frame version. Perhaps someone here will run with that idea.

This year a found I deal I couldn't pass up so I bought this T@B trailer. I can stand up in it and I'm standing on the shoulders of others who brilliantly thought of all the details!