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Re: Strip: bookmatch planning *PIC*
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I did not try hard to photograph my build, so I don't have something exactly to illustrate the situation.

You can see where I put the accent strip on the waterline Nick built into the forms.
Then I came up (down in the picture) 4 strips, which will be my break line between hull and deck.
If you look close on the first 3 forms, there is a small dot above the break line. That is the max width line. It continuously goes down as it heads to the stern.

Short story is you don't need to follow the max width with a strip to get the hull off the forms.
If you did it like mine, all the tapering from bow to stern on the sides happens in the deck section. It makes for some long tapers.

My deck on bow and stern are both stripped parallel to the centerline, so you could do an actual book match here.

But that is just what I did.

Please post pictures so I see what I should have done!!!