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Re: Strip: bookmatch planning
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Take a look a the microBootlegger a little closer.
There is no definable sheer.
I had a hard time defining where I wanted the split between hull and deck.
The defined max width on the forms I bought and the plans does not allow for horizontal strips on the sides and as shown on Nicks WoodenKayak web site.

My conclusion and stripping was divided into 4 zones.
2 sides, top and bottom, because there is no way to continuously transition from side to deck - that I was willing to try.

So the suggestion that you book match on the deck and possibly bottom makes the most sense to me.
What was beautifully demonstrated on Nick's showpiece was using strips cut sequentially from a board on the sides. I don't know if left and right were bookmatched at all, but I think everyone is right it wouldn't be noticed, unless one of us got to crawl over it:)

That would be one heck of a large board or two taken from the same tree adjacent to each other.
Won't ever happen in texas unless I use oak or black walnut!!!

PS: the part I found hardest to strip is the transition from deck to side at the very back, where it starts from a hard angled joint and tapers out to the rounded shape about 4-6 ft forward. I did something but I not sure I could duplicate it.

Complete disclosure, I'm still in the middle of mine - literally, almost ready to join top to bottom.