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Re: Strip: bookmatch planning
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Personally I wouldn't even try to book match the hull sides, no one can see both sides at once so there is no effect for a heck of a lot of effort and expense. The bottom and the deck though you can easily see both sides. I'm not really sure book matched strips have much of an effect anyway, I suspect the only one that would notice is you. Now doing the deck and perhaps the middle of the bottom in wider strips that are book matched might be interesting and a challenge too. You'd have to figure out a way to cut them thin enough or plane them to the proper thickness on the back side. I've done it with trim on the deck and I can tell you it takes serious time. I was using figured cherry and it does not bend, has to be cut and planed to fit.

I would most certainly make test panels to test the effect you plan on getting.

Bill H.