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Re: Skin-on-Frame: SOF Deck Line Attachment - What


I like Helmsman just fine, but I don't have anything to compare against. There are lots of discussions in the forum if you read back thru older threads.
The idea of letting the loops go up over the shear line is probably what I'll do, but I will skip the D-rings. extra weight for no purpose and it would not lay flat.
I have some 2 part urethane - automotive clear coat - which I might try next. I am assuming it would be tougher and more clear - I kind of like the pure white of the skin without any die or the yellowing of a varnish. The problem with that is that it was $70/gal for the cheapest and would be best sprayed - I have no easy place to do that. So I might just paint it on.

I know there are lots of cleaver line attachments for a strip built kayak and was hoping for more than one option. I have used a similar idea to attach grab handles for the bow and stern.

At Lowes (if there is one near you) there is a Weller soldering iron/ woodburning tool (Weller Therma Boost Heat Tool) which has worked very well for me instead of the heated nail. a little more convenient and at $20 not going to break the bank. I also use this as a hot knife - but I ground down one of the tips to the shortest possible blade to allow it to heat up faster and be hot enough to continuously cut the fabric. Someone has a video of skinning a boat and shows off a commercial hot knife ($200+) and the Weller works just as good as far as I can tell. Just don't leave it plugged in overnight.


: I like the idea of drilling through (hot nail, then drill) but if
: you don't like that idea why not move the nylon loops down along
: the side of the shear and adjust them so that the D-ring (SS?)
: comes just over the deck?

: Glad to know I'm not the only one leaning toward Helmsman. Let me
: know how it goes.

: Brian