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Re: Skin-on-Frame: SOF Deck Line Attachment - What

: Bill,

: I am doing the multi chine, it appears that is the only thing
: available now.
: I was looking for some kind of a D-ring to run bungie cord thru or
: the rope for the safey lines. Unfortunately I am using the
: Robert Morris spline method to attach the skin, so the top of
: the shear will be difficult to use. Given that I have seen boats
: with lines on the Yost gallery I assume someone has a finished
: system.
: I am using MinWax Helmsman spar varnish with one of the Minwax
: stains, first. I have not tried anything else.

: Marc

I like the idea of drilling through (hot nail, then drill) but if you don't like that idea why not move the nylon loops down along the side of the shear and adjust them so that the D-ring (SS?) comes just over the deck?

Glad to know I'm not the only one leaning toward Helmsman. Let me know how it goes.