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Re: Other: Padding the good old North Saskatchewan *PIC*

: :

: Be safe Robert!,, that ice can be dangerous and probably a little
: chilly too..

: Here in Florida I would rather bump into a bonnethead shark now and
: then vs braving that ice!

A bunch of my paddling buddies went out with the icebergs on Saturday. I stayed home and worked on my boat (insert face palm here). The beauty of the salt water is that it rarely freezes so we can paddle all year 'round. Of course in the spring the pack ice and icebergs move in!!

The attached image is of my friend Gerard scooting through a iceberg (yes, that's just one iceberg with a channel through the middle). The photo was taken by another paddler, Stan who happened to be on a nearby cliff. Great shot, isn't it?

Here's a few links to their blogs - that I think they posted just to make me jealous!!!