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Re: Tools: 10 fingers is all we ask

: I was cutting gyproc for a kitchen reno for my parents last summer,
: and very neatly sliced off the end of my thumb with a utility
: knife. It's healed up, but no nerves in the tip anymore. Makes
: it difficult to remove contacts with feeling in the finger but
: no feedback from the thumb. If there's anything to
: reincarnation, I need to be WAY more careful next time around.

: Kirk

I fed my thumb into a palm router a couple of years ago. The doc at the emergency took a look at it and sai it was too messy to stitch, and be prepared for an impressive scar. The cutest nurse I ever saw wrapped an enormous dressing around it and it stopped leaking in due course.

I got a tube of something called New Skin Scar Therapy and applied it twice a day. It healed with no scar, a proper fingerprint (not having a police record I have no idea if it's the original print) and normal touch sensation, although that part took a few months to return. Either I have lizard genes or that is amazing stuff . . .