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Re: Strip: How much to pay for Unfinished Boat

Thanks much for the feedback.

I had an e-mail exchange with the guy building the Cape Ann and I decided not to even go look at it. I don't really have any use for a Cape Ann as it's too big for me and it's not a design that I would select to build anyway. I've got enough wood to build three or four designs that I would like and since we amateur builders can't really get much for the boats, there's little opportunity to make a few bucks if I finish the Cape Ann.

Sad how little these beautiful boats are worth after you pour your heart into it. But, looking at another first timer's work and evaluating what you would pay for it, helps me understand that you just "gotta love building" to keep on making these boats. I do love building them but will build the designs that I want. I've got plans for a FireStar sitting on my shelf so that's what I'll build next...

Bob Beaullieu