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Re: Tools: 10 fingers is all we ask

Discussing it with our school's knowledgeable shop teacher, we decided kick backs were more common and almost as dangerous.
A table saw is a very powerful and potentially dangerous tool.

What I know about human psychology and accidents, all the safety features in the world may not be enough to overcome
cognitive dissonance, inattention and beating the odds (always a fool's game). Safety features sometimes inadvertently create a false sense of safety leading to taking (or ignoring) other risks.

Sawstop seems OK, don't know the statistics on it. I'd rather have to buy a couple hundred bucks of saw parts than even suffer a serious nick in one of my digits.
Hope it works better than the crappy blade guard that came with my General table saw. It never worked once.

And Colbert was funny.

Guess I'll have to go back to using my band saw to slice up my hotdogs and road kill.