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Re: Skin-on-Frame: Skinning methods *PIC*

: I thought I could kick the habit and quit building kayaks but I
: have told my grandchildren I’ll make them a Sea Flea. I have
: never done an SOF and my reading has left me scratching my head.
: I would appreciate some advice on the choice of skinning
: methods. I see some people do it with one piece wrapped around
: the whole boat and the two edges stitched together down the
: midline of the deck. Others use two pieces of fabric, one on the
: hull and another on the deck, stapling/glueing both along the
: gunnels. What are the pros and cons of each technique? Do all
: those staples damage the integrity of the wood? Do you use
: stainless staples (do they exist)?

: Thanks for your help.

: Ric

Hi Ric

I made two sea Fleas over the past year. I used 8oz poly, one piece, sewn down the middle of the deck. Build logs for both are on my site,