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Re: Tools: Truck Rack question
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: I need a new way to carry my two great auks. I was using Yakima
: truck racks until I traded in the 2001 Tacoma for a 2011 Tacoma.
: The yakima's don't fit the newer Taco's so I switched to a
: trailer. Honestly, I like the trailer best because it's easy to
: load/unload. Now we've decided to get a Popup camper and I need
: ideas.

: My crazy idea is to hitch the boat trailer to the camper. That got
: about 1 second of serious consideration. My new taco is taller
: than the old so I think I'll need to load from the rear and
: push. Yakima is out, Thule is expensive, but there is also
: "TracRac TracOne" or's Windstreamer,
: Paddler's Rack and Rail Rack. Anyone have experience with any of
: these?

: Please help me get over this OCD dilemma.

Hmm..doesn't Yakima make a reciever hitch mounted T bar used with a single roof rack on the cab?

I used one similiar to this (homemade) for lots of years, works fine.

Bill H.