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Re: Launching: New build- Low deck S&G / Strip hyb

: I was practicing 'balance bracing' and the boat seems pretty happy
: to sit on its edge/side, which is something I wanted. Sweeping
: back up to a layback on the back deck was quite straightforward,
: but that's a long way from rolling.

It's not a long way off. It's the first step, and the hardest one. From there go to sculling for support. When you can do sculling for support you tuck toward the deck and you will capsize. Once upside down you simply unfold and go back to the sculling for support position. You'll find that as you unfold from your tuck, you float back into the sculling for support position. I know you can do the same from the balance brace position, but that's not the way I learned. The next step is to capsize on the opposite side and come up without stopping at sculling for support. This is the progression they traditionally teach it in Greenland.