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Re: Material: Fiberglass / resin

: I just want to put a plug in for 6oz cloth on the outside. I have
: cracked my hull twice over the years. Once was on a submerged
: rock in Deception Pass with a fully loaded boat. The second was
: a very hard shore landing in the Ross Lake Wilderness area. In
: both cases I was able to complete the trips with minor temporary
: repairs. I've ended up putting an additional strip of glass tape
: on the hull.

: My boats might have been fine with the lighter cloth, but why risk
: it?

: Eric M.

In Nick's book he notes that the fiberglass on the outside of the boat only protects from abrasion but the fiberglass on the inside is the one that protects the hull from cracking. Therefore if you want the heavier fiberglass, it should probably go on the inside.

Charles Robinson