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Re: Material: Biaxial tapes and cloth

: I was wondering if anyone has used this stuff?

: 10cm wide 300 Gram Bi-Axle Tape

: That is about 9oz

: for instance:

: Does it wet out ok?

: Is it possible to cut along it's length without fraying too much?

: Does it fray to billio?

: Any other experiences?

: Much appreciated

: Et

Btw, depending on who you're buying this stuff from biax is often used so the yarns are not bent like they would be if woven into cloth, so the biax tape is generally a bit stronger than tape that was woven. Otherwise it's pretty similiar. There does have to be a way to secure each layer to the next, sometimes it's glued together and sometimes it's sewn, otherwise it'll fall apart since it's not woven. So it's a good idea to experiment since sometimes the securing method doesn't work out as you'd like.

For a kayak, the strengths don't matter usually, specially not if you're using 9 ounce since that's generally gross overkill.

Bill H.