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Re: Skin-on-Frame: questions for kirk

: I work in a boat shop and these materials are an everyday thing for
: me . I would build the frame at home and glass it at work. I
: thought the 10 oz was overkill but it is there so I will
: probably use it. it is a small boat that will be plenty light
: even with a little over build. What are your concerns with the
: poly resin? I think it would be the resin bonding to the wood
: frame. Does it need to bond to the frame if the the fabric is
: stapled to it and the whole thing is glassed?

: dave g

Hi Dave,
Polyester resin will stick to polyester cloth, at least it sticks to nomex, cotton, nylon (to a degree) or any other woven material for clothing. :) But it will not be as flexible as epoxy.
It'll likely stick a bit to the frame but not as tenacious as epoxy, I've peeled poly resin glass off timber surfaces before and chipped drops of it off without much difficulty.

Mike Savage
South West Cork