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Re: Seeking: Rope grab handles
In Response To: Seeking: Rope grab handles ()

: I've seen bow and stern handles (toggles) tied from a piece of
: rope. They look like a larger loop wrapped with a series of
: small loops on top that resemble a hangmans' noose. The CLC site
: shows a double fishermans' knot for this purpose but it isn't
: the look I want and it doesn't seem like the correct knot for
: the purpose. I couldn't even tie one with a single length of
: rope......could be user error.

: Can anyone tell me what it's called and where I could find some
: instructions?

: Thanks,
: Ian
It looks like a double fishermans used by climbers a lot to tie 2 ropes together very strong and does not come apart

I think the knot that would feel better on the hand is the one we used in the old days when we used to coil our ropes. You would do it with a single coil, when you pull the end tight you can actually pull it under the other loops hiding one loose end and the other one can be cut flush. Put a couple drops of glue on it and I think it would be a hand friendly knot.