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Re: Other: foiled skeg/rudder blades?

: Hi Bill,
: A flat plate is less stable than a foil with any variations of
: flow. At least in the narrow chord that we'd use. A pie-shaped
: drop skeg is less effected with it's longer fore and aft chord.
: The foil shape 'corrects' better as the pressure differential
: change is smoother.

: A fatter front end doesn't cause drag even at low speeds, otherwise
: whale would have to swim backwards. :) Looking at fish shapes,
: slower swimming ones are fatter about 1/3 from the nose, fast
: swimmers at about 1/2 way back.

: It's more fun to build a foil blade for a skeg than a flat blade
: one.
: Mike Savage
: South West Cork

Whales swim very well, but arn't by a long shot the fastest animals in the water.

Fat rouned nose followed by a tapered shape will work, it's just not the lowest drag shape.

Bill H.